PRS Plastic and Film designs customized calendering equipment

Rubber to Steel Calender

Calendering equipment is available in horizontal or vertical configurations

Bringing effective calendering equipment online is among the most important investments converters make in maximizing their manufacturing operations. PRS Plastic and Film designs and produces a wide range of calendering equipment that meets the standard as well as custom design needs.

The design team at PRS Plastic and Film creates a variety of calendering equipment for thermobond and thermoform applications, as well as non-heated calendering applications. Advanced engineering features include hydraulic loading and mechanical roll adjustability that enables uniform contact across the roll face.

Also viewed as one of North America’s leading embossing roll manufacturers, PRS Plastic and Film teams fully understand every aspect of calendering equipment operation.

Calendering equipment configurations

PRS Plastic and Film designs and manufactures calendering equipment in vertical and horizontal configurations, with the ability for customization to achieve specific converting applications including:

  • Smooth steel to fiber
  • Smooth steel to rubber
  • Smooth steel to steel
  • Engraved steel to smooth steel roll

Services involving the development or refurbishment of embossing equipment, embossing rolls and engraving patterns are staples of PRS Plastic and Film.

Roll refurbishment is a cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of existing rolls. PRS Plastic and Film conducts roll inspection, journal repair and removal of old engraving as part of the service.

Roll fabrication and repair services encompass rolls up to 48 inches in diameter and 220 inches in length for a variety of roll types.

Custom machine development involves the design and production of non-standard embossing machines to meet specific needs.

Pattern development and roll engraving have anchored our service offerings for fifty years. Today’s pattern development capabilities meet even the most demanding requirements for substrates including paper, film, nonwovens and specialty materials.

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