Precision Roll Solutions to Offer Factory Tours after Converters Expo

Prs Converters Expo Factory Tours Wi

We're opening up our manufacturing sites to highlight our manufacturing processes for rolls and custom equipment. Take a shop tour with a roll expert to see how we're improving production efficiency and quality for web handling processes.

1260 Ashwaubenon St, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304, USA
1281 Parkview Rd, Green Bay, WI 54304, USA

Call 920-336-7382 or email for more information.

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MECA built a reputation for providing flexographic print sleeves on time and on budget. As a Precision Roll Solutions company, this team gains the resources to invest in new technologies, and over 30,000 added sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

Battery Manufacturing

If you're looking to build or upgrade a Lithium/Ion battery manufacturing process, PRS is here to help. Our team has extensive experience designing web handling systems or individual rolls specifically for delicate substrates used in Lithium/Ion batteries. From Vacuum Rolls that provide single-sided tension isolation without a nip, to Heat and Chill Rolls for precise temperature control and calendering, we have a solution to help you stay nimble, create efficiency, and maintain profitability.

Web Control

When it comes to quality and efficiency in web handling, control is everything. Temperature and tension are our expertise at Precision Roll Solutions, built upon a solid foundation of experience delivering the industry's most reliable vacuum tension rolls and heat transfer rolls as MECA Solutions.