Corrugated roll precision lays the groundwork for desired output

Corrugated Roll Refurbish

Precision Roll Solutions builds and refurbishes corrugated rolls for long-term use

Leaders in the corrugated industry rely on the corrugated roll engineering and manufacturing expertise of Precision Roll Solutions (formerly MECA) to maximize box strength and roll asset lifespans. Our ability to deliver rolls with high-precision tolerances for total indicator runout (TIR) is a quality metric highly valued by our corrugated customers.

Most of the mechanically engraved corrugated rolls we produce are in the 10 to 12-inch diameter range with an approximate length of 100-120 inches. However, we have the capability of producing rolls as large as 32-inch OD and 160-inch face length, all with end-to-end engraving. Our chrome-plated meter rolls feature an 8 Ra finish or better, with patterns specially designed for the efficient application of glue on flute profiles.

PRS engineers ensure each corrugated roll is calibrated for optimal performance on its specific machine. We understand that every machine runs a little differently, even between different locations within the same company.

Precision Roll Solutions' corrugated roll refurbishing services add value

The ability to refurbish rolls is a key service component that PRS provides for the corrugated industry. In fact, refurbishing comprises the majority of our corrugated roll orders.

Like other engraved rolls, corrugated rolls take a beating during the course of their lifetime. Nicks, scratches and other damage can develop over time, creating imperfections that affect overall quality. Our teams grind out the damaged exterior layer, and then build them back up with copper plating to hold the precision OD required.

PRS specialists can reverse-engineer corrugated roll specifications for customers who don’t have the original specs, and provide pattern recommendations that increase or decrease glue usage depending on your needs.

Contact us for more information about our comprehensive engineering and manufacturing services for corrugated rolls, as well as steel and carbon fiber construction for flexographic printing rolls, print sleeves and mandrels.

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