Embossing roll pattern development responds to market demands

IE PRS Embossing Pattern

PRS Tissue helps tissue producers with aesthetics and function

Embossing roll pattern development fulfills a critical step in the embossed roll repair and production process. PRS Tissue (formerly GB Embossing) provides pattern development completely in-house or in collaboration with customer teams to zero in on precise appearance and performance characteristics.

While some roll patterns remain virtually unchanged for years, new products, rebranding of existing products, and changing market demands make embossing roll pattern development a consistent part of overall product development. Tissue producers, in particular, are always searching for embossing roll pattern designs that serve a functional purpose as well as look good aesthetically.

Experience matters in embossing roll pattern development

Our experienced technicians – some of whom have been with PRS Tissue for more than 40 years – have the ability to complete the embossing roll pattern development process from scratch or apply a customer-provided pattern. We can apply patterns to new rolls as well as refurbished rolls as part of our embossed roll repair services.

Getting our team involved early in the embossing roll pattern development process ensures continuity of thought and a singular focus on objectives. The tissue manufacturing process is more complex than ever, with bigger machines running faster speeds than their predecessors.

Pattern development takes equipment variables into account while customizing each pattern to meet specific requirements. Experience in this ever-changing industry and attention to marketplace trends sets PRS Tissue apart as a leader in embossing roll pattern development.

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