Metal embossing excellence enhances product functionality

Metal Emboss Roll

Precision Roll Solutions meets customer specifications for high-quality metal embossing

The demands of metal embossing are more significant than traditional procedures we use in working with softer materials such as wood grain embossers. Metal embossing relies on pressure to create patterns as basic as dimple patterns to more intricate designs that our customers use in their finished products.

The objective of metal embossing is often to maximize functionality rather than strictly focusing on aesthetics. Whether it is functionality or aesthetics, our team’s expertise in metal embossing can help you produce materials and components used in applications as wide-ranging as deck plates, diamond plates, and exhaust systems.

PRS Building uses high-quality materials to create precision rolls for metal embossing applications that account for the probability of wear. For example, high-carbon and chromium alloy steel provide hardness and resistance to wear.

Metal embossing falls into two categories

While pattern creation is not unique to the metal embossing world, it takes a high level of proficiency to meet the specifications set by our customers. The PRS Building team can take any existing or conceptual pattern and develop a roll for virtually any metal embossing application.

Coining – This metal embossing process involves using an extreme amount of pressure to embed a pattern into one side of metal. The process displaces metal from the stock to achieve the desired result.

Embossing – Using a male-female roll set, we use high pressure to create patterns on both sides of the web. This process often requires a crown to disperse the pressure and create even metal embossing across the material.

Please note the current challenges in shipping and obtaining raw material make it imperative that you plan well ahead in placing metal embossing orders. Depending on the market and political variables, it can take months for raw materials to arrive at our facility before we even begin creating the precision rollers required for the metal embossing process.

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