Nonwoven calendering performs crucial steps in manufacturing

Nonwoven Calendering

Precision Roll Solutions produces a variety of rolls for nonwoven calendering

Pressure plays an important role in the manufacture of many nonwoven products, and high-performance calender rolls from Industrial Engraving, IR Engraving and GB Embossing, often are a major player in that process.

Nonwoven calendering typically generates some method of bonding action that brings a substrate toward its final form. Calendering rolls can take the form of heated rolls, engraved rolls, or simply pressure rolls depending on the application needed.

The specific bonding technology used in a particular nonwoven calendering process determines the features and applications of the nonwoven substrate. Generally speaking, there are three types of bonding options:

  • Chemical bonding
  • Mechanical bonding
  • Thermal bonding

Thermal bonding is increasingly used for nonwoven calendering

Thermal bonding has become the method of choice for many manufacturers because it enables the nonwoven materials to bond easily without the need for binders. Of course, the components must be heat-sensitive in order for thermal bonding to be effective.

The substrate is fed through two or more nonwoven calendering rolls that are heated with oil or electrically heated to a precise temperature. The combination of heat and pressure generated by the calendering rolls forms a well-bonded nonwoven.

It is common for the upper calendering roll to feature an embossed pattern when appropriate. A variety of factors can affect the mechanical strength or softness of a nonwoven fabric.

Precision Roll Solutions is a leader in the manufacture of nonwoven calendering machines and rolls for a wide range of customers and applications. Contact us to discuss which configuration will yield the best results for your nonwoven products.

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