Paper machine calender rolls should deliver uniform contact

Paper Machine Calender Rolls

PRS Tissue manufactures high-quality calendering equipment

Paper converters depend on paper machine calender rolls to provide consistent contact for the precise surface finish and texture required for specific applications. PRS Tissue (formerly Industrial Engraving, LLC), serves as a one-stop shop for customized calendering equipment as well as calender rolls.

Calender rolls function by compressing substrates through multiple pairs of rolls, often in heated thermobond or thermoform applications. Converters also use non-heated calender rolls, depending on the application.

Achieving the proper pressures, dwell times and roll temperatures with a minimal amount of variance is critical in producing consistent results. Configurations for paper machine calender rolls can include:

  • Smooth steel to steel
  • Smooth steel to fiber
  • Smooth steel to rubber
  • Engraved steel to smooth steel

Paper machine calender rolls and equipment

PRS Tissue excels in a wide range of manufacturing expertise in the roll industry, including matched male female embossing rolls, the use of digital transfer technology in pattern development, and the design and building of calendering equipment.

High-performance calendering equipment is necessary to ensure uniform contact across the roll face. Our experienced engineering team is capable of producing standard as well as custom calendering equipment for paper machine calender rolls.

Our roll fabrication and repair services can handle rolls up to 48 inches in diameter and lengths up to 220 inches. Calendering equipment can feature hydraulic loading and mechanical roll adjustability for uniform contact across paper machine calender rolls.

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