Precision Roll Solutions' lightweight print sleeves are Made in the USA

Print Sleeves

American-made sleeves and rolls avoid supply chain delays

It’s no secret that supply chain challenges are hitting the flexographic printing industry, but it doesn’t have to when it comes to your supply of lightweight print sleeves. Precision Roll Solutions (formerly MECA) produces lightweight print sleeves in its Wisconsin manufacturing facility letting you deliver high-quality printing that is true to tolerance and on schedule.

Precision Roll Solutions is one of a relatively low number of American manufacturers that produce lightweight print sleeves. Our commitment to providing consistent, predictable delivery supports flexographic printers so you can keep your word to your customers.

In addition to delivering premium performance, MECA’s lightweight print sleeves are very easy to handle and enhance worker safety. The ergonomic benefits to your workforce during changeovers and reduced stress on equipment generate additional return on investment.

Lightweight print sleeves are one of Precision Roll Solutions' many innovations

Our focus on innovation ensures we are always thinking about how to do things better. This ranges from lightweight print sleeves to roll designs geared toward eliminating web handling wrinkles to color-coded pull rings and internal piping on anilox print sleeves that make it easier to complete the changeover process.

Print sleeves from Precision Roll Solutions enable you to avoid the unpredictability and rising costs that are inherent with overseas suppliers. In addition, you can take comfort in knowing our lightweight print sleeves and rolls feature the quality you expect from products that are Made in the USA.

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MECA built a reputation for providing flexographic print sleeves on time and on budget. As a Precision Roll Solutions company, this team gains the resources to invest in new technologies, and over 30,000 added sq. ft. of manufacturing space.