Rolls for EV manufacturing address multiple process points

PRS Rolls for EV manufacturing

PRS’s diverse capabilities provide a one-stop source for battery makers

The quickly growing electric vehicle (EV) market is creating opportunities for battery makers to expand their revenue streams. Precision Roll Solutions (PRS) contributes expertise in producing rolls for EV manufacturing that elevates battery factories to the levels of precision they need to succeed in this market.

PRS’s reputation as a leader in the design and production of vacuum tension rolls is a key differentiator among manufacturers of rolls for EV manufacturing. Vacuum tension rolls deliver much more precise tension control than is possible using traditional S wrap web configurations.

S wraps rely solely on friction to adjust tension levels on the web, but this configuration makes it difficult to isolate higher levels of tension. Vacuum tension rolls are a more effective choice as rolls for EV manufacturing because of their ability to isolate higher tension values at multiple points in the process without damaging delicate web substrates.

Vacuum tension rolls also help minimize dust in clean environments, particularly when it comes to the graphite coatings on anode and cathode layers of the battery. PRS engineers can calibrate mesh screens within a manufacturing window to better control the inevitable dust particles.

Fine mesh screens are also available to help prevent vacuum-induced damage to sensitive web substrates.

Vacuum tension rolls eliminate risk of damage from nip pressure

Isolating higher tension levels on a web can be a significant challenge that some manufacturers attempt to counter using nip pressure from two rolls. This technique creates safety issues for workers as well as the fragile web substrates they carry.

In the case of rolls for EV manufacturers, these assets are tasked with handling films and foils used in the production of anode and cathode layers of batteries. The amount of pressure necessary in nips to hold tension can damage sensitive webs and cause other web handling issues. Vacuum rollers are used to handle webs and isolate web tension while having the benefit of single-sided contact with the substrate.

PRS produces a variety of rolls for EV manufacturing including metering rolls, coating rolls, calendering rolls, slitters and rewinders, and other roll handling machines. Depending on the width of the base web, slitters trim the edges and rewinders prepare the substrate for further processing elsewhere in the battery making process.

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