Tissue Embossers Are Your Ticket to Improved Performance

Tissue Embossers Improve Performance

PRS Tissue works with customers to dial in functional attributes

Tissue embossers play a major role in the ability of consumer product producers to stay ahead of the competition. Embossing roll pattern development from Precision Roll Solutions is the first step toward achieving your goals whether the objective is enhanced functionality, appearance, or both.

Our experienced technicians use advanced technology to make fine adjustments to your tissue embossers all the way through complete embossing roll pattern overhauls, depending on your needs. PRS Tissue customers realize that standing still is not an option in such a competitive marketplace.

American-made tissue embossers from GB Embossing (now PRS Tissue) provide the added benefits of quality control, ease of communication, and the avoidance of supply chain issues that plague overseas producers. Our presence within the Precision Roll Solutions family of companies creates access to shared capabilities not available from most tissue embosser producers.

3D imaging helps us create and reproduce patterns on tissue embossers

Skilled technicians use a 3D scanner to replicate the intricate patterns on tissue and towel embossers that previously existed only on molds and AutoCAD drawings. The scanner and other digital technology allow our team to attain exceptional pattern accuracy from a flat sample.

Securing high-quality tissue embossers that feature specific performance and appearance attributes is essential to any rebranding efforts or announcements of new and improved products. You can leverage the availability of our pilot line to run tests on your patterns prior to introducing them to your operations.

Bringing our team into the tissue pattern development process in its early stages increases efficiencies by minimizing timelines and ensuring quality is optimized for your target line speed. We offer embossing roll repair as well as the manufacture of new tissue embossers in covering the full range of your needs.

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The experts at GB Embossing have decades of experience solving challenges for the world's top tissue manufacturing facilities. We've built a reputation for providing precision embossing rolls on time and on budget. As a member of the Precision Roll Solutions family, we gain access to a wider network of experts, the resources to invest in new technologies, and over 30,000 added sq. ft. of manufacturing.