Wide embossing rolls provide additional converting capabilities

Wide Embossing Rolls

PRS Tissue (formerly GB Embossing) produces wide embossing rolls that meet converters’ needs

PRS Tissue’s ability to produce wide embossing rolls featuring custom patterns is an example of the flexibility that leaders in the converting industry value in an embossing rolls supplier.

The definition of what qualifies as wide embossing rolls varies by converter and the equipment operating in the mill. We have the ability to engrave virtually any roll length from as short as 2 inches to well over 100 inches, with timely delivery to mills throughout the USA.

Regardless of your definition for wide embossing rolls, PRS Tissue’s team is committed to delivering high-quality embossing rolls that meet your requirements. We differentiate ourselves through ease of communication and production excellence that make PRS Tissue the supplier of choice for converters worldwide.

Wide embossing rolls help converters adjust to market changes

Consumer products continue to evolve as market conditions dictate. Producers of products such as bath tissue, kitchen towels and folded napkins depend on our expertise with wide embossing rolls and pattern development to create the high-quality look that consumers expect.

Custom pattern development is the key to a successful end product. Our expert technicians can develop patterns that meet customer specifications from scratch, along with using 3D image technology to produce precise patterns from customer-provided samples.

We use a 3D scanner to produce a digital map from your sample and transform it into a format we can use to laser-engrave wide embossing rolls. The exceptional accuracy of this technology produces unmatched pattern reproduction quality, with the added benefit of minimized lead times.

Contact us for a quote regarding wide embossing rolls or other services we offer that maximize your converting profitability.

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