Custom patterns can provide advantages to plastic webs and trash bag producers

Custom Patterns Plastic Webs

PRS Plastic and Film provides pattern development and embossing expertise to benefit customers

Custom patterns can provide recognized value to suppliers and customers when they improve strength or stretch properties on plastic webs. They might also allow for reduced resin consumption. Precision Roll Solutions, a world leader in the production of embossing equipment for the plastic film industry, can help you design a pattern that delivers benefits for your process or product.

Custom patterns, and by extension the custom embossing rolls that carry them, provide the crucial links between raw material and high-quality end use, such as trash bags or can liners. Our experts can assist you in the design of custom patterns for improved stretch and other characteristics. In some instances, our customers have seen key attributes increase as much as five times that of the un-embossed plain plastic film.

Custom patterns are one part of the bag production process

The trash bag embossing process begins with the development of custom patterns and custom embossing rolls by our Wisconsin- and Virginia-based teams. Precision rolls and equipment are then engineered to effectively integrate into your web line.

We use a uniquely developed mating roll process to create clearance around embossing elements. This method of roll and embossing pattern creation helps to ensure consistency in the final product, and also avoid blockage when two plastic webs combine to form a single substrate.

Many of our customers tell us our custom patterns, embossing rolls, and embossing equipment have paid for themselves through savings in materials and the premium they are able to charge for their embossed products within a relatively short period of time.