Precision Roll Solutions have been responding to the market needs of our customers for decades with custom-engineered embossing and calendering systems.
Industry Solutions:
  • Garbage bags and agricultural film
  • Light personal protective equipment (gloves, aprons)
  • Barrier films for the life sciences industry (gowns, drapes, and dental bibs)
  • Packaging films, food service bags or sheets
  • Packaging films, and embossed image or tear strip
  • Tissue, towel and non-wovens
  • Speeds up to 200mpm (650fpm) (geared operational speed)
  • Standard Width: 700mm to 1600mm
  • Small 1,000mm footprint in web direction
  • Standard pneumatic nip loading
  • Combining/Thermal bonding
  • Capabilities to design systems that achieve strict tolerance requirements

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