Glue and Metering Rolls


The glue and metering rollers are the precision components within the corrugator starch application process. At Precision Roll Solutions, we understand that precise glue application and gap control are fundamental requirements to minimize warp and reduce raw material costs.

We supply the corrugated industry with new roll sets to fit any OEM glue machine or singlefacer in all sizes and widths. Additionally, we offer audit and reconditioning services, enabling our customers to make informed choices with the option to breathe new life into used equipment.

We manufacture our glue and metering rolls to tighter TIR specifications than the original equipment manufacturers. PRS customers count on our rollers to deliver consistent coat weight application across the machine direction and throughout the entire corrugator speed range.

PRS maintains North America’s largest mechanical engraving tool library. We can design and supply cell patterns to meet your specific application, with designs to save you money on raw material costs. Additionally, a wide range of surface hardness options are available to maximize the usable life of your roll set.

  • Ensures precise glue application and gap control.
  • Minimizes warp and reduces raw material costs.
  • New roll sets in all sizes and widths.
  • Audit and reconditioning services to extend the life of used equipment.
  • North America’s largest mechanical engraving tool library.

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