Slitters & Rewinders

PRS and REM have been evolving the slitter & rewinder industry since 1987 with a primary focus on center-surface winding. Since 2015, we have continued to evolve the technology and operation of center-surface winders while continuing to offer options for all other winding methods.


Rewind Rolls are driven from the core, as well as the surface

  • Because of this, the tension range on center-surface winders is the greatest possible available.

Slitting is as near the rewind point as possible

  • Allowing for thin slits with excellent edge quality.

Machines can run as a center winder, surface winder, or both

  • This allows a large variety in the materials that can be ran.



Rewind rolls are driven from the core only

  • With a single motor, the maximum diameter is limited, but the overall cost of the machine is less than a center-surface winder.

Often paired with differential shafts

  • These shafts transmit torque evenly, despite diameter, so materials with gauge bands are able to be ran.

Best for high speed film processing

  • Due to the rider roll, air entrapment is minimized, allowing thin extruded films to be run much faster than possible on other machines.


Various Options for Unwind Control

  • Models can be configured with single brakes, dual brakes, or motors.

Integrated Tension Control

  • Load cells or dancers provide feedback to the tension control loop, allowing the stand to be integrated easily into existing production lines.

Unwind or Rewind

  • Stands, including turreted stands, can be manufactured for use as an unwind stand, or as a rewind stand.


  • 3050 - Center-surface slitters

  • 3250 - General purpose slitter / rewinder

  • 3350 - General purpose workhorse

  • 3750 - For the BIG jobs

  • 3850 - Heavy-duty slitter / rewinder


  • 950 - Advanced Simplex Slitter

  • 1250 - Narrow slits for film & foil

  • 1750 - Wide web

  • 1750T - Wide web turret


  • 4510 - Shafted pedestal

  • 4515 - Shaftless pedestal

  • 4520 - Shafted floor pick-up

  • 4525 - Shaftless floor pick-up

  • 4530 - Adjustable shaftless floor pick-up

  • 4790T - Turrent unwind

Center Sufrace Rewinder Webpath Graphic

Center-Surface Winding

Simplex Slitter Webpath Graphic

Center Winding

Shaftless Pedestal Webpath Graphic


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