Vacuum Tension Rolls

Vacuum tension rolls (VTR), give web coaters and converters the ability to dial in precise tension levels for optimal performance. Our vacuum roll product line features enhanced designs that deliver durability, and value and are more efficient than most vacuum rolls on the market.

Pete Eggen, Vacuum Tension Roll engineer, provides the expertise behind our vacuum roll products. Pete has more than 20 years of experience and has earned an international reputation as the foremost authority on vacuum roller design and applicable processes.

In addition, Ken Korth, Vacuum Tension Roll technician, has over 10 years of experience producing and servicing vacuum rollers that are installed all over the world.

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Vacuum Roll
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Vacuum Tension Rolls
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MECA Vacuum Roll Precision Roll Solutions

Design Options

Engineered for superior efficiency, PRS vacuum tension rollers are available in 12 standard sizes ranging from 175 mm (6.890 inch) to 450 mm (17.717 inch) in a variety of standard finish options. Custom-engineered sizes and finish options are also available.

Screen options allow for protection of the web material. Fine mesh is less likely to damage delicate web materials. Seamless screens available for the most delicate operations. Larger openings allow for pass-through of environmental contaminents such as dust. Easier to clean.

Surface Treatments

Choose from any of our five standard roll surface options for a range of performance characteristics that fit virtually any web application:

Electroless Nickel Plated Corrosion-resistant Smooth finish Rubber Covered

Compliant surface Highest traction/grip Plasma Coated

Enhanced traction/grip High release coating Fine Mesh Screen

Non-marking Best for thin or sensitive webs Mechanically Engraved

Textured with micro-grooves Added traction/grip Enhanced air exhaustion