Gravure Print Cylinders


Using the very best electro-engraving technology along with skilled engineers, we are providing gravure cylinders that combine functionality & design to our customers. We can reproduce lifelike images for a wide variety of end-user products - Flooring, Wall coverings, Metals, & Decorative Films industries. We also offer rolls with gravure functionality for Paper Towel bonding, Pharmaceuticals, Films, & many other industries.

Precision Roll Solutions service some of the largest & smallest print cylinders in the world. Our cylinders serve a vast spectrum of functionalities - metering, technical & safety coatings, adhesive laydowns, & designs with micron accuracy. We offer the highest quality copper, nickel, & industrial hard chrome plating. Our copper plating allows for the ultimate engraving quality. Our nickel & chrome plating provides extensive corrosion resistance and durability to ensure print/gravure cylinder longevity & performance. We can bring new life to old rolls with our full-service machine shop where used rolls can be repaired or refurbished to like-new conditions. We also can engineer & manufacture virtually any size print cylinder to fit your specific machinery needs. We partner with our customers who rely on us to fulfill the most stringent of cell geometry requirements ultimately providing you with perfectly registered, multi-print designs.
We can manufacture gravure print cylinders to fit any machine, and recondition old rolls to breathe new life into existing equipment. Customers count on us to fulfill stringent cell requirements by leveraging one of North America’s largest mechanical engraving tool libraries.

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