Custom Rolls

We manufacture to your drawings or design to your specifications, to meet your requirements.
  • Flow in & out -- opposite ends 
  • Flow in & out the same end 
  • Low capacity flow or high capacity flow 
  • Welded or bolted head construction 
  • Mild steel or alloy steel construction 
  • Annealed or hardened
  • Solid steel rolls 
  • Tubular constructed rolls
  • Rubber roll cores 
  • Fiber (paper) filled rolls 
  • Smooth anvil rolls 
  • Plasma Spray Coatings 
  • Nickel: Dense coating with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Stainless Steel: Wear and corrosion resistance
  • Copper: Dense coating that provides good electrical conductivity
  • Tungsten Carbide/Cobalt: Dense, hard, wear resistance coating
  • Aluminum Oxide: White, exceptional density for improved wear resistance and thermal & electrical insulation
  • Chrome Oxide: Exceptionally hard & dense coating -- (used for laser engraving)
  • Complex Oxide: Coatings are hard and dense and provide corrosion protection, wear resistance, protection against high & low temperatures, particle erosion and fretting wear
  • Titanium Oxide: Black, dense, hard and abrasion resistant
Need a custom roll to support specific web applications? PRS can create low-friction custom options that spin at the same speed as the substrate without interfering with other processes.

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