Embossed rolls enhance trash bag appearance and performance

Embossing Rolls Enhance Trash Bag

Industrial Engraving’s trash bag embossers improve dart strength

Pardon the pun, but it’s not a stretch to say that PRS Plastic and Film embossers play a pivotal role in the bag production industry. As Industrial Engraving, we earned a reputation as a premier supplier of trash bag embossers by providing features to improve product dart strength.

Dart strength, or the ability of a polymer to stretch without breaking, can be significantly improved with an effective pattern that allows a material to stretch. This stretching ability can also increase profitability by reducing the amount of material needed to create the final product.

The primary advantage to improved dart strength lies in the ability to save on resin costs. Using less resin enables manufacturers to both save on raw material costs and charge a premium for a more attractive trash bag.

Trash bag embossers are a differentiating factor in production costs

Industrial Engraving is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of embossers used in the production of trash bags, along with many other consumer products. We design our trash bag embossers to last for many years, delivering exceptional performance throughout their lifespan.

We understand the demands required of high-speed embossing machinery, including trash bag embossers, which is why equipment is built to stand the test of time.

Our reputation is based on our customers’ ability to succeed in their market and maintain profitability levels. It is why bag producers throughout the world look to us to support their operations, from roll refurbishment services to complete new machines.