Precision Roll Solutions is a preferred supplier of embossing rolls

Embossing Roll Plastic

Our ability to provide extra rolls shortens turnaround times

Embossing rolls are the lifeblood of production processes for converters of a wide range of consumer products. The downtime created when waiting on new or refurbished embossing rolls to arrive can be crippling to any operation. This is why a growing number of converters rely on Precision Roll Solutions to keep them up and running.

Some of our customers monitor their embossing roll usage per quarter and plan additional orders accordingly. Savvy converters often stock extra rolls to eliminate any chance of downtime, because unfortunately there are situations when damaged rolls require unplanned replacements.

As Industrial Engraving, the Precision Roll Solutions team has become the preferred supplier of embossing rolls because of our consistent quality, as well as our experience to identify the applications where extra rolls on hand can save our customers significant downtime.

New and refurbished embossing rolls for all converting applications

Precision Roll Solutions built its reputation on the ability to provide industry-leading products at competitive prices. That continues today as we meet performance requirements for a variety of converting applications including:

  • Nonwovens – Medical and hygiene products; wet wipes
  • Paper – Towel, napkin, and tissue patterns
  • Film – High-density and low-density poly products such as flat films, poly bags, agro-films
  • Additional materials – Metal, foam, foil, laminates, and other specialty markets

Our custom services support the fabrication of new rolls and repair services for embossing rollers as large as 220 inches in length and 48 inches in diameter. We use digital transfer technology (DTT) to manipulate patterns to fit any roll diameter, further minimizing turnaround times for most patterns.

Find out how we can help your production environment with our custom embossing solutions.