Plate Cylinders

Our precision-tolerance plate cylinders are designed and manufactured with the accuracy required to reduce variables in your printing process. Among the many benefits are better printing quality, higher press speeds, and shorter set-up times.

Every air mandrel is manufactured to your custom specifications. Not only can you count on getting the precision tolerance your high standards deserve, we record and provide you with detailed documentation of size control, TIR and balance results for every plate cylinder you order. Your most difficult print job will realize improved accuracy and reduced variability.

  • TIR = .0004” max (mean value .0002”)
  • Size control = +.0004” max (mean value .0002”)
  • Dynamic balance = ISO 1940 G2.5

Design Options

  • Steel
  • Thin Wall Steel
  • Composite / Carbon Fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Internal Air Piping
  • Chrome Plating
  • Sleeve End Stops
  • Pin Registration
  • High-Strength Journals
  • Drilled For Air

Repair and Refurbish

With the advancement of sleeve usage, the accuracy of your existing plate cylinder inventory becomes more important that ever! Plate cylinder concentricity, TIR, and size control tolerances are critical to proper sleeve fit and printing performance. We can provide the knowledge, experience, and high-quality air mandrels that will make your sleeve program a success.

  • Regrind / Resize existing cylinders
  • Drill existing cylinders for air
  • Chrome Plate
  • Dynamic Balance