Embossing Equipment

  • with Collin Lumpkin
  • with Kali Altland

PRS Building (formerly IR Engraving) machinery has been responding to market needs for over 100 years with precision engineered embossing and calendering systems. Our rolls and machinery are constructed on proven technologies and custom-built to exact parameters essential to your application and product.

Our roll technology and configurations are critical to a successful calender design. These steel rolls are constructed using double-shell forgings and designed to maintain a uniform roll-face temperature within 2°F (1°C) while operating up to 500°F (260°C). Options for our metal rolls include nickel or chrome plating, release coating, precision grinding, crowned or hardened. We also offer resilient rolls (fiber filled or covered). Our fiber fillings include proprietary HRCC (heat-resistant carded cotton) and HRWC (heat-resistant wool cotton). We have constructed countless roll configurations over many years, any one of which may be adapted to your specific application.

PRS Building offers a full-range of calendering machinery including thermal laminators, thermal and point bonding calenders, embossers and lab calenders. As IR Engraving, we were recognized as the leader of high-pressure, precision thermal-bonding and laminating calenders. Applications include construction, filtration, agricultural, medical, and personal care/hygiene.

Design Options


  • Thermal Laminators
  • Point Bonding Calenders
  • Lab Calenders
  • Thermal Bonding Calenders
  • Rolling Mill Machinery


  • Metal Embossers
  • Film Embossers
  • Composite Lumber Embossers
  • Packaging/Print Embossers