Gravure Print Cylinders

We are equipped to handle some of the largest print cylinders and laser-engraved cylinders in the world for floor covering, decorative, and specialty industries. We provide the finest engraving quality by understanding our customers’ requirements, state-of-the-art equipment, and our knowledgeable staff with decades of experience. We also keep you up and running with industry-leading lead times.

Gravure Print Cylinders Ir
Engraved Roll
Gravure Print Cylinders

We have both Mac and PC computer formats and employees with years of graphics expertise. We will use your existing digital file or help you design a new concept. Our computer archival system keeps your files safe for exact reproductions of worn or damaged cylinders for years to come.

Design Options

Electronic Gravure Engraving Multiple electronic engraving machines ensure fast turnaround time with consistent cell structure. Our engraving machines are among the world’s largest.

Gravure Plates Plates are engraved and proofed using the same exacting specifications and methods used to engrave the cylinder. Gravure plates can be made to any size the customer requires.

Laser Engraving Our YAG and CO2 lasers engrave rolls in excess of 31″ diameter and 235″ length. We laser engrave cylinders that have been produced using the latest technology in plasma spray coating.

Mechanical Engraving We can manufacture and mechanically engrave cylinders to fit any machine, and recondition old rolls to breathe new life into existing equipment. Customers count on us to fulfill the most stringent of cell requirements by leveraging one of North America’s largest mechanical engraving tool libraries.

Surface Treatments

Copper, Chrome, and Nickel Plating Our copper, chrome and nickel departments produce the highest quality plating in the industry. Our chrome is the hardest and best quality industrial chrome, ensuring consistency, durability, and print quality.