Embossed roll repair saves time and money for converters

Embossed Roll Repair

Precision Roll Solutions provides cost-effective embossed roll repair and re-engraving

As tempting as it is to ride out that shiny new embossing roll until the pattern is no longer viable, converters are finding the sooner they invest in embossed roll repair or re-engraving services, the more they can reduce expenses in the long run. Precision Roll Solutions works with preventive maintenance teams to minimize downtime and maximize the value of these capital-intensive assets.

Embossed roll repair can shave a significant amount off costs compared to a fully re-engraved roll or investing in a new roll, sometimes up to 90 percent. Depending on the severity of the damage, our technicians may be able to complete repairs in the field using portable grinders and other tools. We recently performed an in-house embossed roll repair for a major customer that brought that roll back into service within a week.

Our team has expertise in embossed roll repair for rolls of all shapes and sizes, including wide embossing rolls. Catching damage early on may be able to limit downtime for the affected roll to as little as a week compared to 6-8 weeks for a fully re-engraved roll.

Monitor your rolls to limit embossed roll repair needs

Precision Roll Solutions recommends our customers monitor the condition of their rolls for early detection of potential issues. Embossed roll repair projects can be as simple as re-chrome plating and as extensive as re-engraving. While re-engraving is a longer and most costly process than a simple repair, it is still significantly less expensive than investing in a brand-new roll.

Some of our customers include periodic visits from our technicians as part of their preventive maintenance plan. Precision Roll Solutions technicians will produce a status report that aids in schedule and budget creation, along with performing embossed roll repair services as appropriate.

Precision Roll Solutions is part of a multi-facility footprint that features best-in-class capabilities. Our combined over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space delivers industry-leading design, application, prototyping, and production expertise for embossed roll repair and other continuous web operation-related assets.

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