Engraved roll excellence generates quality output for converters

Engraved Roll Excellence

Precision Roll Solutions is a leader in engraved roll production and refurbishment

Converters invest considerable capital into production equipment designed to produce eye-catching as well as subtle patterns on substrates, yet one asset in particular carries enhanced significance to the final output. A high-quality engraved roll is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, and Precision Roll Solutions companies MECA, Industrial Engraving, GB Embossing, and IR Engraving earned a reputation North America’s premier roll manufacturers.

Precision Roll Solutions has been a trusted roll supplier for some of the biggest names in the consumer products and food service industries since the days when technicians created hand-crafted tools to cut patterns into blank embossing rolls.

Today’s digital transfer technology (DTT) enables computer artists to create much more intricate patterns for engraved roll designs that stand out from the competition. Our experts can adjust patterns to fit the diameter of an engraved roll for a cleaner run.

Engraved roll refurbishment minimizes asset expenses

Engraved roll refurbishment is a strategy many converters pursue to breathe new life into worn or damaged patterns. Industrial Engraving returns the rolls to the high-quality finish converters need to satisfy their customers without the expense of creating a new roll from scratch.

Roll inspection, journal repair and removal of old patterns prepare engraved rolls for the refurbishment process. Our ability to accomplish these steps without removing large amounts of metal maximizes the lifespan of a refurbished roll.

Precision Roll Solutions designs and manufactures a variety of converting equipment, including a 4-roll calender machine and other embossing machines that use an engraved roll in their process.