Engraved rolls for metal embossing focus on functionality

IR Engraving PRS Building Metal Embossing

PRS Building provides new patterns as well as onsite maintenance.

Manufacturers have high expectations for the engraved rolls for metal embossing they receive from Precision Roll Solutions, with aesthetics and end-product functionality at the top of the list. Products such as garage doors and insulated panels commonly produced using these assets require a rugged attractiveness that withstands the elements.

Engraved rolls for metal embossing have to be tough enough to withstand the higher pressures needed to complete manufacturing operations on these materials. Our expertise in creating wood grain embossing rolls also comes into play with engraved rolls for metal embossing, as many garage doors feature wood grain patterns.

In addition to producing custom engraved rolls for metal embossing, the PRS Building team can provide embossers and other associated machinery for your production line along with onsite visits for preventive maintenance or issue diagnosis.

Flexibility of design highlights engraved rolls for metal embossing.

PRS Building is capable of producing engraved rolls for metal embossing of virtually any size. The average base length for most metal embossing rolls is 50-60 inches, with an average diameter of 15-24 inches. The three most popular patterns are non-directional stuccos, wood grains, and diamond tread.

Pattern development and testing are key elements of our service offerings. This ensures our customers are able to manufacture products that are more durable and look better than their competitors.

Engraved rolls for metal embossing perform in either a coining or traditional embossing configuration. Coining uses high pressure to embed the pattern into one side of metal, displacing material in the process. Embossing uses a male-female roll set to create patterns on both sides of the web.