Anilox rollers feature mechanically engraved cell patterns

PRS anilox rollers

Refurbish services extend the ROI of worn rolls

Manufacturers that use anilox rollers in their operations depend on Precision Roll Solutions (PRS) to develop the assets they need to maintain high-quality output. Wisconsin-based PRS is an industry leader in the production of new and refurbished anilox rollers for customers throughout North America.

Our ability to produce items as varied as flexo rolls, print sleeves, anilox rollers, and anilox sleeves assets give printers a single-supplier option within the United States. Anilox rollers, in particular, comprise a significant asset group that benefits from our refurbishment capabilities.

Anilox rollers that carry larger cell patterns primarily are used in the production of corrugated products. We mechanically engrave patterns directly onto the base steel rolls, and chrome plating provides increased longevity of run time for the cell pattern.

For worn rollers, our refurbishment team removes the pattern and then applies a copper covering to return the roll to its intended outside diameter (OD) size. We mechanically engrave the pattern into the copper, and again chrome plate for longevity. Our team also can refurbish stainless steel anilox rollers. However, the OD will be slightly smaller because a copper covering will not stick to stainless steel.

Carbon fiber anilox rollers leverage the advantages of reduced weight

PRS offers carbon fiber base construction for customers who want to take advantage of the faster running speeds possible with this lighter-weight material. These base rolls require a ceramic coating because it is not possible to mechanically engrave into carbon fiber anilox rollers.

Our experts also have the ability to reverse-engineer older steel rolls into new anilox rolls with carbon fiber bodies. Laser engraving is the process of choice for anilox rollers featuring smaller patterns. In this case, the base rollers receive an OD ceramic coating, on which the lasers engrave the pattern rather than using a mechanical engraving process.

Deeper cell patterns are effective for laying down clear coatings or transferring glue to corrugate. Converters use smaller patterns for more detailed work such as picking up ink and transferring it to a plate.

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