Heated embossing rollers are key to thermal bonding applications

Heated Embossing Rollers

PRS Tissue's embossing rolls deliver consistency and repeatability

High-quality heated embossing rollers are crucial to the success of converting operations that leverage thermal bonding applications for the final product. PRS Tissue (formerly Industrial Engraving, LLC), manufactures heated embossing rollers for use with paper, film and nonwoven substrates commonly used by consumer products companies.

Converters rely on the consistency and repeatability of heated embossing rollers to produce identical products through millions of revolutions. The process heat-bonds non-woven fibers from multiple substrates into a single unit.

They acquire their heat source by:

  • Heated oil
  • Heated water
  • Electric wiring
  • Induction heating coil

PRS Tissue's refurbishing services extend lifespan of heated embossing rollers

Heated embossing rollers require significant investment from converting companies, making PRS refurbishment services an attractive option in extending the lifespan of these assets. Importantly, the refurbishing process can extend the lifespan of rollers significantly without impacting the quality of output.

Consumer products companies typically maintain longstanding relationships with producers of heated embossing rollers because the pattern on an embossing roll is exclusive to their products. It is far more cost-effective to source new from a trusted supplier than start over from scratch with a new supplier.

PRS Tissue works with new customers to develop precise patterns that reflect the quality of their brand. Using digital transfer technology (DTT), our design specialists are able to specifically size patterns that fill the circumference of rollers.

PRS Tissue provides the flexibility converters require for a wide range of job runs by producing and refurbishing heated embossing rollers as large as 48 inches in diameter and 220 inches in length.

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