PRS Plastic and Film is a leading embossing machine manufacturer

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Variety of styles and configurations make PRS Plastic and Film a popular choice

PRS Plastic and Film has positioned itself as a leading embossing machine manufacturer in the United States through a commitment to product development that includes custom as well as standard-size equipment.

Consumer products converters and specialty products producers look to Industrial Engraving as their embossing machine manufacturer of choice because of its history for quality and durability. Now PRS Plastics and Film, Industrial Engraving earned a reputation for producing durable embossing equipment and roll embossing products that withstand the stresses of high-speed operations.

An embossing machine manufacturer with standard and custom products

PRS Plastic and Film has developed a complete line of standard and custom products in its long history as a leading embossing machine manufacturer:

Jaws-Style Embossers – Our jaws-style embossers create low-cost options for embossing in cases where a large machine is not required. These embossers deliver performance equal to larger units at a significantly lower capital investment.

Single Station Embossers – Single station embossers typically load from the top and feature simple roll handling for minimal downtime.

Compact Unwind/Embosser – These custom-designed units are designed to take up less of the valuable floor space in your facility than conventional units.

Two-Station Embossers – These units offer the flexibility of design to minimize changeover times and maximize efficiency. They are ideal for applications that feature two different patterns with separate runs, as well as calender/embossing applications.

Three-Roll Embossers – These units allow for easy changeovers from one rubber-to-steel emboss pattern to another with only minor adjustments. The three-roll design features a rubber middle roll that threads a substrate through either the top or bottom roll without moving to a different line.

Quad Embossers – These machines feature a backing roll that can be matched with steel, paper, rubber, or a combination of any of the three without changing out rolls or moving to a different line.

Thermobond Embossers – These specialized two-roll embossers are ideal for various thermobond or thermoform applications. Double-shell rolls allow electricity, oil or water to flow through the shell, providing a heat source to bond substrates.

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The experts at Industrial Engraving have decades of experience solving challenges for the world's top consumer product manufacturers. Experienced teams have built a reputation for providing precision embossing rolls on time and on budget. As a member of Precision Roll Solutions, the team has 3x the experts, with the resources to invest in new technologies, and over 30,000 added sq. ft. of manufacturing. This team is now PRS | Plastic and Film.