Print sleeves enhance flexographic printing for packaging

Flexo Sleeve

Specially formulated construction material provides greater stability

High-quality flexographic printing for packaging relies on print sleeves that retain their dimensional integrity regardless of environmental variables. PRS Printing (formerly MECA) has designed print sleeves and anilox sleeves to do just that, creating the ideal pairing for industry-leading flexographic printing for packaging.

PRS Printing specially formulates its print sleeves for optimal performance in specific processes. The vinyl ester resin base is a different material than used by many of our competitors. It is very stable, and does not shrink or expand under hot or cold conditions. Tolerances also hold true after cleaning with harsh chemicals for long-term quality in flexographic printing for packaging.

In addition to benefitting from the premium quality of PRS Printing's print sleeves, our customers appreciate the rapid and dependable lead times that are a consistent focus of our business model. Typical lead times are just three weeks, with rush orders delivered in two weeks or less.

Precision Roll Solutions' products are American-made in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Sandston, Virginia, meaning shipping is faster and cheaper than with competitors who import from overseas manufacturers. Delays at ports of entry, customs delays, and today’s wildly fluctuating shipping costs make domestic purchases a choice that will benefit your operations.

Flexographic printing for packaging just got easier

PRS Printing offers several key optional features for flexographic print sleeves, including pull rings that serve as an operator-aided grabbing point for faster removal and replacement of anilox sleeves. An added benefit of pull rings is they can be color-coded for easy sleeve identification, as most patterns that are laser-engraved into anilox sleeves are too fine to identify easily without the assistance of magnification.

In addition to color-coded pull rings, we also offer the more common aluminum pull rings. Whether the pull rings are color-coded (so operators can quickly identify specific cell patterns) or traditional aluminum, they are a great feature to minimize changeover times and the potential for mistakes.

Our commitment to helping customers optimize efficiencies and safety in flexographic printing for packaging complements other premium product attributes, including nip point safety which is a characteristic of high-performance vacuum rolls.

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MECA built a reputation for providing flexographic print sleeves on time and on budget. As a Precision Roll Solutions company, this team gains the resources to invest in new technologies, and over 30,000 added sq. ft. of manufacturing space.