Embossing roller design optimizes product performance

Embossing Roller Design

PRS Plastic and Film develops custom patterns for a wide range of converters

Embossing roller design is an important aspect of the converting process that can make the difference between exceptional product performance and just another consumer option. Consumer product manufacturers rely on embossing roller designs from Precision Roll Solutions to minimize raw material consumption and maximize profits.

As a North American leader in embossing roller design, PRS Plastic and Tissue engineering teams (formerly Industrial Engraving) are experienced in assessing customer needs and developing effective solutions for production objectives. Pattern differentiation is a key performance characteristic, particularly for trash bag embossers with an eye toward superior dart strength.

Your operations group can leverage the expertise of our engineering and production specialists to refine pattern nuances that translate into a positive impact on your web. Embossing roller design benefits manufacturing processes for a wide range of commonly used items such as:

  • Garbage bags and agricultural film
  • Light personal protective equipment (gloves and aprons)
  • Barrier films for the medical industry (gowns, drapes and dental bibs)
  • Vacuum seal/food service bags or sheets
  • Packaging film embossed image or tear strip
  • Wipes (film bonded to tissue for paper towels)
  • Hygienic film for nonwovens (diapers, feminine hygiene)
  • Table covers (film and film/tissue)

Precision Roll Solution's engineering teams are also producing an increasing number of embossing roller designs for thin sheets of metal. Custom dimple patterns enhance rigidity and contribute to heat-shielding performance.

Test runs ensure an embossing roller design hits the target

We understand investing in new embossing rolls is a significant financial commitment. That’s why we often test an embossing roller design on ebonite first to ensure the customized pattern performs as expected with the desired raw material.

Laser-engraving an ebonite roll for trial purposes saves money compared to using a steel roll. If the trial is successful, we then transfer the pattern to a steel roll to take advantage of its longer life span than the hard plastic of ebonite.

Our product line includes simple idler rollers that feed the web through a line to nip rolls, heat transfer rolls, and heavy-duty rolls with intricate patterns. Put our engineering resources to work on the embossing roller design for your application.