PRS Plastic and Film is an embossing pattern specialist

IE PRS Embossing Pattern

Embossing pattern features designs ranging from simple to intricate

Consumer products companies understand image is everything, and that business adage trickles down to the quality of the impression left on everything from napkins to packaging. PRS Plastic and Film (formerly Industrial Engraving, LLC), an industry leader in embossing pattern development, crafts embossing patterns that reinforce its customers’ emphasis on quality.

PRS Plastic and Film embossing pattern development experts work with customers to produce images or patterns that accurately represent corporate logos or are consistent with the product’s use.

Digital transfer technology (DTT) enables PRS Plastic and Film to engrave an embossing roller without the cost of tooling or production of master rolls. Manipulating the pattern electronically so it fits the roll diameter contributes to a reduced turnaround time for most patterns.

Embossing pattern development produces consistent results on rollers

Finalizing the embossing pattern is the first step in creating a consistent impression. PRS Plastic and Film manufactures high-quality embossing rollers and re-engraves damaged or worn-out units that bring embossing patterns to life. The company also designs and manufactures embossing equipment sturdy enough to withstand years of handling heavy embossing rolls.

PRS Plastic and Film offers expertise in creating master rolls, laser rolls and tooling as options for creating embossing rollers. Our Wisconsin facility provides engineering, fabrication and repair services for embossing rolls up to 48 inches in diameter and 220 inches in length, following strict procedures that produce a consistent quality embossing pattern across every type of roll.