PRS Plastic and Film engineers solutions to keep your web moving

Plastic Film Engineered Solutions

Custom embossing machinery fills gaps that standard models cannot

Maximum utilization of production floor space is a continuous requirement for many manufacturers. Custom embossing machinery from PRS Plastic and Film (formerly Industrial Engraving) can address multiple needs, ranging from specific product characteristics to re-imagining web flow within the confines of your facility.

Custom embossing machinery by definition is anything that falls outside of standard designs. This can include specific size parameters due to space restrictions as well as directional challenges for the web itself. Our engineers gather your needs and specifications to ensure we address each one in our final design.

Some of our more challenging custom embossing machinery projects involve unique entry and exit web paths. Other unique challenges include older buildings requiring special considerations for tight fits or limited access. It usually is a more cost-effective solution to invest in a piece of custom embossing machinery than rearrange an entire line, or modify a building. Combined with our embossing roller design expertise, PRS Plastic and Film customers can realize workable solutions for challenging applications.

Matching up components is part of custom embossing machinery

Custom embossing machinery is rarely a standalone asset. Our engineering team is often asked to integrate the new machines with existing pieces of equipment or larger manufacturing processes since the embossed product is only a portion of the work.

PRS Plastic and Film is willing to customize its delivery to match components on existing assets or to adhere to a location standard, right down to cylinders, gearboxes and hardware. Assuming your plant uses a specific brand for spare parts, this integration makes spare parts management easier and more cost-effective.