Roll embossing is step one in creating both functional and attractive products

Functional Patterns for Film

PRS Plastic and Tissue specializes in embossing roller and machine excellence

Consumers gravitate toward products that are pleasing to the eye at least as much as they appreciate value and function. That is why consumer products companies focus so much of their product development attention on attractive patterns delivered by the roll embossing experts at PRS Plastic and Tissue.

Roll embossing and custom roll engraving from Precision Roll Solutions provide high-end quality for customers in the plastic and film markets. Companies across North America and the United States that operate in niche markets, in particular, benefit from PRS Plastic and Film's custom roll engraving and embossing services.

Our experienced roll embossing team is able to develop intricate as well as simple patterns that fit all roll sizes as the first step in winning the eye test with consumers or commercial customers.

Roll embossing machine versatility meets a variety of needs

In addition to delivering high-quality embossing services, PRS Plastic and Film offers a complete line of roller embossing machine options that are built to withstand years of handling heavy embossing rolls and the stresses imposed by high-speed operations.

PRS Plastic and Film manufactures durable roller embossing machines that fit a wide range of applications:

  • Matched Steel
  • Rubber/Steel
  • Paper/Steel
  • Perf Emboss
  • Foot-to-Foot (Pin-to-Pin)
  • Nested

Custom equipment designed to perform specific embossing or calendering applications are available in a variety of set-up options:

  • Jaws-style embossers
  • Single-station embossers
  • Two-station embossers
  • Three-roll embossers
  • Quad embossers
  • Compact unwind/embossing units
  • Thermobond embossers
  • Calendering equipment