Bridge Sleeves

PRS Printing (formerly MECA) is one of a relatively low number of American manufacturers that produces lightweight print sleeves. In addition to delivering premium performance, our lightweight print sleeves are very easy to handle and enhance worker safety. The ergonomic benefits to your workforce during changeovers and reduced stress on equipment generate additional return on investment. The carbon fiber layer inside our bridge sleeves create maximum stiffness and reduced weight for superior performance.

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Flexo Sleeve
Prs Bridge Sleeve System
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Flexo Sleeves

Our bridge sleeves are specially designed for your press to reduce make-ready time and improve productivity. These low-cost, lightweight bridge sleeves generate the ability to make a mandrel multiple BCD sizes. The cost savings of a bridge system can put your company in a position to save money instantly compared to using a sleeve system alone. The thinner the plate sleeve, the more cost savings take place.