Anilox Roll Covers

Protect your precision roll investment with easy-to-use, durable, customizable roll covers designed for fast turnaround.

Completely opaque, with rubber rings on each end to protect specialty coatings and engraving from nicks and light damage when not in use. In addition to protection, roll covers from Precision Roll Solutions can be used to classify rolls during storage. Customize size, length, cover color and installation (wrap or slide) to your needs.

Embossing Rolls Tooling
Red Sleeve Cover Angle Prs
Roll Sleeves Standing Angle Prs
Ir Engraving Roll
Gray Sleeve Cover

Design Options

Slide-on or wrap-around. Fully customizable. Easily distinguish roll types from a distance

Surface Treatments

  • Custom color coding options for easy identification
  • Rubber ring protects roll end
  • Made of durable polymer for better ROI