Tissue Embossing

We can design equipment specifically engineered to perform your desired embossing or calendering application.

  • Single Station Embossers: Single station embossers typically load from the top, providing simple roll handling for minimal downtime. Custom design and matching machine manuals are standard.

  • Rubber to Steel Calenders: These embossing stations offer the flexibility of design to minimize changeover times and maximize efficiency. This machine runs a smooth steel roll against a rubber-covered roll.

  • Steel to Steel Calenders: Similar to a matched steel embosser, steel to steel calenders run two smooth steel rolls.

  • Thermal Embossers: We also design and manufacture specialized two-roll embossers for various thermobond or thermoform applications. Double-shell rolls allow oil or water to flow through the shell, providing a heat source to bond substrates. These two-roll units are similar in design to our standard embossers. Standard hydraulic loading and mechanical roll adjustability enable uniform contact across the roll face. Hardened calender rolls can be installed as engraved rolls, smooth rolls or in combination.

Standard features include

  • Heavy-duty, solid steel frames
  • Pneumatic loading (hydraulic, air over hydraulic, or jack screw loading optional)
  • Adjustments for matched steel emboss rolls
  • Nip adjustment
  • Guarding
  • Controls tied in with existing circuitry

Optional features

  • Bowed rolls
  • Idler (guide) rolls
  • Rotating brush roll cleaners
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Disc brake
  • Web wrap detector
  • Constant tension device

Design Options

  • Matched Steel. The machine can use mating male and female rolls, nested rolls, or pin-to-pin (foot-to-foot) roll sets.
  • Rubber/Steel. This machine runs a steel engraved roll against a rubber-covered roll.
  • Paper/Steel. Similar to a matched steel embosser, this configuration runs a steel engraved roll against a fiber (paper) filled roll.
  • Perf Emboss. This matched steel embosser runs rolls that perforate the paper substrate to enhance absorption properties.
  • Foot-to-Foot (Pin-to-Pin). Rolls in this matched steel configuration are mounted so the embossments on each roll are aligned.
  • Nested. This matched steel configuration features a reverse image on the opposing roll so the patterns fit together like a gear.

Repair and Refurbish

Our roll refurbishment service is a cost-effective means to extend the lifespan of your existing rolls. We provide roll inspection, journal repair, and removal of old engraving as part of our re-engraving service for rolls supplied by the customer or manufactured by Precision Roll Solutions, GB Embossing, Industrial Engraving, or IR Engraving.