Engraved Embossing Rolls


When it comes to engraved roll versatility, PRS provides advanced technologies and design options that accommodate a range of industries and applications.

PRS knows there’s more to effective solutions than matching specs. Our team of skilled professionals is focused on impeccable quality, backed by seasoned craftsmanship that only experience can provide.

Every PRS solution is created to provide — and maintain — uniform patterns and engineered applications. Our mechanically engraved embossing rolls have benchmarked industries using rigid and flexible plastics, tissue/towel, napkins, fine paper, nonwovens, metals, packaging and more.

  • Pattern Development can be completed in two weeks. PRS can replicate sampling on rubber to steel and matched steel up to 12 inches wide, producing new or modified pattern development with multiple depths, radiusing, and sidewall angle requirements. This allows for cost-effective review and approval prior to full-scale production launch.
  • Surface Treatments: Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Custom.
  • Our roll refurbishment service is a cost-effective means to extend the lifespan of existing rolls. We provide roll inspection, journal repair, and removal of old engraving as part of our re-engraving service for rolls supplied by customers or rolls manufactured by Precision Roll Solutions.
  • Standard Roll Fabrication Capacity up to eleven (11) tons having an OAL of 372″ and 36″ diameter
    Custom sizes available, contact us to discuss.


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