Plastic Embossing

We engineer our embossing equipment to withstand the rigors of handling heavy embossing rolls for years as a dependable element of your company’s asset base. Our track record of producing durable embossing equipment makes us the smart choice for manufacturers who require embossers that stand up to the stresses of high-speed operations.

  • Compact Unwind / Embosser: Custom-designed compact unwind/embossing units accomplish exactly what their name implies: these heavy-duty machines are designed to take up less of the valuable floor space in your facility than conventional units.

  • Two-Station Embossers: Minimize changeover times and maximize efficiency. These custom-designed units are ideal for applications that feature two different patterns with separate runs, as well as calender/embossing applications. Standard designs feature a C-frame stacked embosser in which rolls are installed and removed horizontally or a two-position vertical top-loading embosser.

  • Three-Roll Embossers: These versatile units allow for quick and easy changeovers from one rubber-to-steel emboss pattern to another with only minor adjustments. The three-roll design features a rubber covered roll in the center position and a steel engraved roll in the upper and lower position allowing two different products to be run on a single line.

  • Quad Embossers: For the ultimate in efficiency, quad embossers from Precision Roll Solutions feature frames that hold two different steel engraved rolls and two durometer rubber rolls. Either one of the engraved patterns can run against either rubber roll to create two embossed products on one machine without changing out rolls or moving to a different line.

We also design and manufacture unwind/rewind machines ranging from 25 inches up to nearly 180 inches in width. These machines are engineered to deliver high performance for your specific application, either integrated into existing lines or operating as standalone units. Our experience with a wide range of configurations and roll sizes gives you the advantage of having an expert team capable of meeting virtually any requirement.

Design Options

Standard Features

  • Solid steel frames
  • Pneumatic loading (hydraulic, air over hydraulic, or jack screw loading optional)
  • Adjustments for matched steel emboss rolls
  • Nip adjustment
  • Driven unwind stand
  • Guarding
  • Custom manuals
  • Controls tied in with existing circuitry

Optional features

  • Bowed rolls
  • Idler (guide) rolls
  • Rotating brush roll cleaners
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Web wrap detector
  • Constant tension device