Mounting Stands

Custom sleeve mounting and changing stands are designed to increase efficiency for pre-press sleeve mounting and sleeve changing operations. These stands are engineered for minimum deflection, providing a safe method for mounting of sleeves. They can be designed for any repeat and cylinder length. Our custom turntable design allows one stand to be used for multiple length cylinders.

Flexo Sleeves
Flexo Sleeve Inner
Anilox Sleeves
Sleeve Mounting Stand
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Design Options

(3) Models to choose from:

  • Stationary Changer
  • Premium cantilevered swing arm with pneumatic lift cylinder
  • Sleeve changer with cart arrangement Fabricated and machined from structural steel tubing to minimize deflection for proper sleeve mounting Welded construction, blasted and epoxy primed and painted Floor pads with bolt holes to allow for secure mounting and leveling to plant floor