Customization differentiates industrial engraving services

Customization Industrial Engraving

Precision Roll Solutions' flexibility stands out among industrial engravers

High-quality embossing rolls provide the foundation for many of the attractive products upon which manufacturers and consumer products brands attach their reputations. The expert industrial engraving services required to produce those embossing rolls is where the rubber meets the road to initiate that process.

The team at PRS Plastic and Film (formerly Industrial Engraving, LLC) which provides industrial engraving services for a wide range of customers for more than 60 years, features an in-house design team and machine shop that produces custom as well as refurbishing options for embossing rolls up to 48 inches in diameter and 220 inches in length.

Manufacturers depend on Precision Roll Solutions' industrial engraving services and customization expertise for a variety of substrates, including film, foil, nonwovens, paper and tissue. Its adherence to strict manufacturing procedures ensures consistent quality across a product line of heated embossing rollers, solid steel rolls, tubular constructed rolls, rubber roll cores, fiber-filled rolls and smooth anvil rolls.

Pattern development is a key element to industrial engraving services

Precision Roll Solutions companies cemented their place among leading industrial engravers by delivering unique and attractive design patterns for customers operating in niche markets as well as major consumer products divisions. Its small-town, Wisconsin- and Virginia-based workforce takes pride in creating high-quality embossing rollers that are every bit the equal of anything on the market.

While hand-crafted designs were the calling card for industrial engravers prior to the computer age, increasingly intricate designs are possible today through the use of digital transfer technology (DTT). Industrial Engraving’s design team works with customers to produce patterns that reflect a shared commitment to quality.

Roll refurbishment is a cost-effective supplemental industrial engraving service that extends the lifespan of embossing rolls. PRS provides this service for rolls supplied by its customers as well as those it originally manufactured.