Roll embossing technology enhances new and used embossing rolls

Roll Embossing Technology

Precision Roll Solutions creates intricate patterns used by consumer product leaders

Techniques used in roll embossing have come a long way since the days when hand-crafted tools cut basic patterns into blank embossing roll shells. Precision Roll Solutions has been creating custom engraving patterns for 60 years, providing roll embossing services that have served generations of converters and their end users.

Embossing roll manufacturing and refurbishment is a specialty service for which Precision Roll Solutions (as GB Embossing, IR Engraving and Industrial Engraving) has built a reputation as an industry leader. The company’s master engravers leverage modern digital transfer technology (DTT) to supplement its inventory of existing tools in embossing roll production.

The DTT process used in roll embossing eliminates expenses incurred through tooling or the use of master rolls. Precision Roll Solutions’ pattern development specialists are able to manipulate patterns to fit the diameter of the embossing roll, shortening turnaround times for most patterns.

Embossing roll refurbishment reduces production costs

Precision Roll Solutions provides high-quality refurbishment services for embossing roll assets that have lost some of their pattern crispness or suffered damage over time. Rather than starting from scratch with a new roll, Precision Roll Solutions is able to return them to the flawless appearance required by converters.

The refurbishment process includes roll inspection, journal repair, and removal of old patterns in preparation for updated or repaired patterns. Precision Roll Solutions’ ability to accomplish refurbishment without removing large amounts of metal maximizes roll lifespans.

Roll embossing delivers precise patterns to a variety of substrates including paper, film, nonwovens, and specialty materials. Precision Roll Solutions’ facility supports embossing roll sizes up to 48 inches in diameter and 220 inches in length.