Vacuum rolls provide nip point safety (by eliminating nip)

Vacuum Roll Precision Roll Solutions

PRS specializes in vacuum roll designs that enhance web handling

Enhanced nip point safety is a characteristic of vacuum rolls that is often obscured by the more obvious advantages these high-performance assets deliver. Nip points are one of the most dangerous areas for potential worker injury in a web handling operation, so everything possible to properly guard or eliminate them is paramount to designers and operators.

Vaccum rolls from PRS Web Control (formerly MECA) provide nip point safety by eliminating the pinch point created by two adjacent rolls traditionally used to pull a web through a process. This is done by using an internal vacuum to hold tension, acting as a pull roll, and therefore effectively replacing an s-wrap or nip point.

An added benefit of vacuum rolls is they are also less likely to generate wrinkles due to roll misalignment. Nip points are notorious for their tendency to pinch or otherwise damage the web. Any misalignment of the web creates a risk, as nip points are unforgiving, especially with sensitive webs and high speeds.

Precision Roll Solutions is a comprehensive manufacturer of high-precision coating rollers and other premium rolls for the printing and web handling industries and is a leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum rolls for processes that require precise control of web tension, especially for delicate materials.

While PRS vacuum rolls provide nip point safety, they are also ideal for coating applications because they provide tension control while limiting contact to one side of the web. They enable operators to dial in precise tension control while preventing the coated side of the web from touching another surface until it dries.

Nip point safety shines during thread-up procedures and e-stops

Vacuum rolls are also easier to thread because the potential for problems are minimized with a single roll in play. Multi-roll configurations that feature nip points demand strict attention to worker safety and are much more difficult to thread up.

Pre-programmed processes often open nip points when the web stops, which creates a safety concern and causes a loss in tension control. Vacuum rolls are able to maintain tension control even in a stop position, contributing another advantage regarding nip point safety.